7 Quick Takes – The Basics

Linking up with Kelly for 7 Quick Takes this week!

As a classic sanguine (via the four temperaments), I have fairly fleeting interest in a great many things.  This link up is such a good outlet for my personality.

I just started this blog on Wednesday and I am still working on setting everything up, but I thought I should just jump right on in with a quick take… or seven!  As this is my first week linking up with this blog, however, I’m going to try to stick to the bookish basics.   Maybe you can relate to one or two?

  1.  The first book I fell in love with:  Anne of Green Gables.  I had a hefty collection of the usual fare (Nancy Drew, Babysitters Club, et al), but nothing sucked me in like the (mis)adventures of Anne Shirley!  In retrospect, my obsession was kind of alarming, to the point where I’d wear a red scarf over my head in mock pigtails around the house and ran full commentary to my mother about how Anne’s feet couldn’t possibly be THAT small after we visited Green Gables in PEI one summer.  (She was quick to remind me that Anne is NOT A REAL PERSON.  Debatable.)
  2. The most recent book I fell in love with:  The Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown is one that I recommend to everyone and their dog these days.  It’s gripping, fantastic and the PACE of those books… Brilliant.  I  remember looking up from page 15 of the second book one night and commenting to Phil that what had just happened in the first chapter would pass as the climax in any other book.  So please, read this series and then message me because I need a many people to geek out over these books with.
  3. The book that causes me the most rage:  Tess of the D’Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy.  I had to read this in our Grade 12 English class and to 17-year-old me, it was the dullest book ever.  Perhaps reading it now would give me a different perspective (but probably not, tbh).  My biggest grievance, however, was that the ONE event I remember happening (******SPOILER*******: she had a baby) came completely out of nowhere!  I even went back and checked to see if there were pages ripped out of my copy because there was no lead up that I could recall.  Last summer, I watched Far From the Madding Crowd and was slightly intrigued but also mostly perplexed by the main character and the plot… and then realized that it is also a Thomas Hardy book.  Hardy experts… what am I missing here?!
  4. Currently reading: The Essential Tales of Father Brown by G.K. Chesterton (as a devoted member of the Fountains of Carrots community).  I read The Man Who Was Thursday last year and really loved it.  I had only read Chesterton’s non fiction at that point and have been so pleased with his fiction!  I’m a big fan of the BBC show starring Mark Williams, but I really am enjoying Chesterton’s mystery writing style.
  5. Favourite book-to-movie interpretation:  Is there any other that comes close to the BBC’s 1995 Pride and Prejudice mini-series?  Well, maybe North and South.  Maybe I just have a thing for a man in a cravat.  Too bad I cannot wear emperor-style waistlines for the life of me.  #tearsfordays
  6. Our first chapter book read aloud with the kids (ages 5, 3 and 1 < 1-year-old doesn’t count!) was Pippi Longstocking last summer.  It went really well, but we had been having a bit of trouble finding something that really gripped the kids in the same way.  Last week, we read Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman and we all loved it!  Basically, they will sit for anything goofy with a bit of quirk.  Hit me up with your suggestions… we still have four weeks of summer left!  Bonus points if it takes place in space… or features a monkey in some capacity.
  7. Do you have a Goodreads account?  I downloaded the app several months ago and my To-Read list is ridiculous (just the way I like it).  When I’ve checked Instagram too often that the feed no longer refreshes, my second favourite app to mindlessly scroll is Goodreads for suggestions, but I only have all of three friends on there and I’m looking to diversify it up a little bit (la vida loca, forever!)

And that’s all for me!  Happy Fri-yay, Takers!  🙂

Coffee and Babies = Current Reading Buddies.


Welcome to Life Between Lines!

Whenever I’m inclined to join a conversation, I’m most likely to lead with, “You know, I read somewhere that…” or “That sounds like something I read in a book once…”.  Connecting the fascinating books I’ve read with my real life is one of my favourite things!  Connecting with PEOPLE who have read fascinating books and who connect them to THEIR lives may just be the most wonderful thing in the world to me!

But first, a little bit of an introduction:

I’m Michelle!  I’m married to the best guy in the world and I stay at home with our four kiddos.  I love studying theology, date nights with my husband, and deep conversations with good people (preferably over food and drink!).

I have always loved to read.  It would be easier for me to tell you which genre I DON’T like, and that is contemporary, family-drama-centric fiction (i.e. “Three grown siblings reunite at the family cottage for their father’s funeral, after not seeing one another for a decade…” etc.  But, I digress!)  On the other hand, I am wildly enthusiastic about pretty much any other kind of book: mystery, sci-fi/fantasy, history, romance, non-fiction, self-help… and any combination of the these. (Now, if one of those three siblings at their father’s funeral happened to be a time-traveling cyborg with a penchant for solving cozy murder mysteries, well then… we’d have a story!)

I have a tendency to over-analyze and philosophize things that I see or read in an attempt to enrich my world with new ideas and meanings.  I am a purpose-driven individual – I would rather take a short detour on my way from point A to B, if it means that I will find a deeper meaning behind what I’m doing on the way.

I love people who are willing jump right in with me: reading and then living between lines.

So happy to have you along!